Sales Toolbox

A central hub built for sales organization employees to access a suite of sales tools, featuring an easily accessible support portal that allows for simplified and speedy communication. The hub was originally created for employees of a large retail company who needed one place to access our apps.

The Challenge

This redesign was initiated to make the hub easier to use, to align it visually with the apps within the hub, and to alleviate the pain of submitting a support ticket. Users had trouble finding the support portal and often didn't supply enough information for the support team to diagnose the problem. The primary constraints included a short timeline and a very limited cross-functional team.

The Process

I worked with a Product Manager and Content Strategist to complete this project. My deliverables were wireframes, prototypes, and comps. I facilitated in-person usability testing and documented research findings.

Lessons Learned

Without any time for usability testing or access to Software Engineers while creating the concept, it was difficult to validate whether a decision was the right one. The positive outcome is that we were able to move very quickly, and now have the ability to go back and analyze the effect of our redesign.

Social Learning Platform

A Central Hub

The redesign of the Sales Toolbox was initiated to solve the issue of confusing navigation and frustrating user experience. The result is a simple interface that highlights the tools and provides the user with easy access to secondary actions like changing their password.

Social Learning Platform

Accessible Support

This feature was conceptualized to give users the ability to access customer support without needing to login. By providing quick access to help, the support team is able to solve the issues more quickly and the user's experience is less painful.

Social Learning Platform

Simplified Support Portal

The concept for the support portal redesign works to solve several pain points within the support process. By asking for just the right amount of information up front, the support team can swiftly diagnose the problem, leading to a quick solve and a less frustrated customer.