Manager Coaching Tool

An iPad app that aims to enhance the customer experience within retail stores. Managers are able to observe customer interactions in the field and coach sales reps on how they can improve.

The Challenge

This app was created to provide a tool for retail managers to track the progress of their customer service employees, as well as for store managers to assess the quality of their multiple store locations. The app needed to be easy to use while the user was standing or walking, and the UI needed to allow for many different types of surveys.

The Process

I worked on a team consisting of an Interactive Producer, Product Manager, four Software Engineers, two QA Testers and a Content Strategist to complete this project. My deliverables were wireframes, prototypes, comps, and a styleguide. I facilitated in-person usability testing and documented research findings.

Lessons Learned

During the creation of the product, it would have been incredibly helpful to be able to observe managers using the app while in the retail environment. Since we weren't able to participate in on-site visits, the Product Manager and I instead conducted usability testing and interviewed subject matter experts within the field.


Manager Observations

Managers are able to observe their employees as they engage customers in the retail environment. Each task is rated as not applicable, not acceptable, good, or great.