Social Learning Platform

A learning platform that aims to engage users with gamification, community discussion, and comprehesive communication, all through a simple and delightful interface. Primary users are employees within large sales and retail organizations, who use the platform to complete employee training and share best practices. Users are awarded coins for completing courses and posting helpful discussions.

The Challenge

The features I helped create were initiated by a client need to increase their employees' engagement with the tool. One request was to allow users to redeem their coins for rewards, such as company gear or an extra vacation day. Another feature enabled users to sign up for Instructor Led Training in addition to online courses. The last challenge was to add a feature that restricts courses until its prequisite is completed.

The Process

I worked on a small product team consisting of an Interactive Producer, Product Manager, two Software Engineers, and two QA Testers. My deliverables were user story maps, wireframes, prototypes, and comps. Together with the Product Manager, I conducted user research involving remote usability testing and interviews with subject matter experts.

Lessons Learned

During the development of the features, interviews with subject matter experts helped enormously. Remote usability testing was also helpful, but it may have been more valuable to test users in person. There were some technology issues that prevented me from being able to see the user's video, so I had to rely on what they said since I wasn't able to also read their body language or facial expressions.

Social Learning Platform

Coins For Rewards

In the app, learners are awarded coins for completing courses and contributing to discussions within the community. As a learner earns more coins, he or she earns badges and gains levels of experience. The Rewards feature was developed to entice learners to take more courses by enabling them to redeem their coins for rewards offered by their company. Rewards can be anything from a company t-shirt to wearable tech!

Social Learning Platform

Transaction History

This feature was developed in concert with Rewards. It's primary purpose is to show a user a historical record of which rewards he or she has redeemed as well as coins earned from posting helpful discussion comments and completing courses.

Social Learning Platform

Rewards Creation

Within the admin side of the app, an admin can create multiple rewards, view the status of active rewards, and see a history of those that have expired. Upon diving deeper, an admin can view and export a list of learners that have redeemed a reward. The columns within the list of learners are sortable, allowing the admin to view the information in different ways.

Course Prerequisites

Course Prerequisites

This proof of concept was created to solve the need for a prescribed learning journey, where a learner is required to complete courses in a certain order. Once a course’s prerequisites are completed, that course becomes unlocked. As the user progresses, their progress is shown visually on each course tile and in a progress bar at the top.