Client Management Tool

A tool used by a medical supply provider to manage a large customer base of medical care providers, encouraging collaboration between sales representatives and goal-tracking. Users range from sales representatives to managers to executives of the company.

The Challenge

The client needed a way for their sales employees to view keep track of their sales initiatives. The users were also in need of a simpler and more efficient way to manage a large client base which previously was managed within massive Excel documents, causing inconsistent data and a cumbersome workflow.

The Process

I worked on a product team consisting of an Interactive Producer, Product Manager, two Software Engineers, a Data Analyst, and one QA Tester. My deliverables were sitemaps, wireframes, prototypes, comps, and a styleguide. I facilitated in-person usability testing and documented research findings.

Lessons Learned

Since the main constraint of this project was our lack of access to users, any usability testing I did had to be conducted with people unfamiliar with the complex business structure and workflow of the actual end users. As a result, I was only able to test general usability issues. If we'd had access to end users, we would have been able to learn much more.

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Manage Multiple Customers

As a key feature of the tool, sales reps are easily able to manage a large array of customers. From a high-level view, the user is able to see vital information for each account. To dig deeper, the user has the ability to filter by a wide variety of data points and customize which columns they'd like to see.

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Client Status Tracking

Within the app, sales reps and managers are given a quick visual way to record and understand the history and current state of the relationship with a client and whether or not the business is at risk.

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Record Contract Progress

One of the important aspects of managing a customer's account is making sure the contract is renewed in a timely manner. If a client's contract is expiring within 12 months, the customer's account is marked with a red flag and the user is prompted to update the contract information.

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Reporting on Sales Goals

A robust amount of data is consolidated and made available within the app, designed to be highly customizable and easily consumable. Users are able to slice and dice the data with filters and have the options to save a custom filter set as their default view. Data is presented from a high level and can be drilled down to specific items, making it easier for the user to pinpoint areas that need action.