Client Management Tool

A tool used by a medical supply provider to manage a large customer base of medical care providers, encouraging collaboration between sales representatives and goal-tracking. Users range from sales representatives to managers to executives of the company.

The Challenge

The client needed a way for their sales employees to view keep track of their sales initiatives. The users were also in need of a simpler and more efficient way to manage a large client base which previously was managed within massive Excel documents, causing inconsistent data and a cumbersome workflow.

The Process

I worked on a product team consisting of an Interactive Producer, Product Manager, two Software Engineers, a Data Analyst, and one QA Tester. My deliverables were sitemaps, wireframes, prototypes, comps, and a styleguide. I facilitated in-person usability testing and documented research findings.

Lessons Learned

Since the main constraint of this project was our lack of access to users, any usability testing I did had to be conducted with people unfamiliar with the complex business structure and workflow of the actual end users. As a result, I was only able to test general usability issues. If we'd had access to end users, we would have been able to learn much more.